About our subscription plan

Customize your subscription plan by selecting the products and quantities you want to receive. Choose from our range of dog/cat food cases and bone broth tubs. We will send these items to you according to your preferred delivery frequency - either every 2 weeks, 3 weeks or 4 weeks. You can also set your initial delivery date, which should be at least 3 working days after your order date.


You have just created a new subscription plan on 7 October for 2 boxes of Cooked Chicken and selected 11 October as your delivery date, delivered every 2 weeks between 2pm - 6pm.

Billing date #1: 7 October

Delivery date #1: 11 October

Time slot: 2pm - 6pm

Billing date #2: 21 October

Delivery date #2: 25 October

Time slot: 2pm - 6pm

Your subscription plan will automatically renew after each upcoming delivery billing cycle. No additional action is required from you, as your billing will automatically renew based on the delivery interval you have selected. Similarly, your deliveries will take place automatically on the same day every 2, 3 or 4 weeks, depending on your chosen frequency. This cycle will continue as long as your subscription remains active.

Why should you subscribe?

  1. Enjoy the convenience of online shopping and door-to-door delivery.
  2. Never run out of food with convenient ‘set-and-forget’ system
  3. 6% discount for subscribers
  4. Same day reminders for delivery
  5. Adjust products and quantities required easily
  6. Flexibility to change your delivery date
  7. Change delivery address
  8. Pause or cancel plan anytime

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