How do I transition my cat onto raw food for the first time?

If your cat is currently on kibble or canned food, please note that the transition process can be longer and sometimes difficult. Initial rejection will be common.

We recommend a slow transition as it will allow your cat to be introduced and accept the food gradually and at the same time, give its digestive system enough time to get used to the new diet.

Days 1-3, serve 35% of new food mixed with 65% old food
Days 4-6, serve 70% of new food mixed with 30% of the old food
Days 7-8, serve 100% of new food

Please note that this serves as a guide and that your cat's transitioning experience may be shorter or longer. Feel free to adjust the feeding proportions slightly as you observe your cat during the first few days.

If your cat has persistent diarrhoea for more than 2 days, we recommend bringing your cat to the vet for medical advice.